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..that piqued my interest!

Ten jobs that for one reason or another piqued my interest this week that I thought I'd share in case anybody was feeling the Sunday night fear!

Sunday, 28th June 2015.

Digital Product Manager at the Economist which has always seemed one of those few long established publications that 'get' digital

Futurelearn are looking for a new User Researcher (hope they have better look than I did!) Still not sure about this current generation of MOOCs but there is something interesting happening in this space.

The Tate's Head of Digital Content not many places where you are going to get better content to play with online!

Head of Digital Library Services, Institute of Cancer Research one for the Jiscy crowd - I still have a soft spot for digital libraries and innovation in scholarly communications.

Director of Kings Digital Laboratory To be honest even after reading the job description a couple of time I'm not sure what this job will actually do - my academic-ese is rusty - but it is intriguing for sure!

The Communications Manager at the new Digital Service at Parliament will have the opportunity to be a part of some potentially huge and important changes as Parliament embraces a new digital attitude under their new CDO.]

Digital Project Manager for the wonderful SS Great Britain one of Brunel's great achievements as well as a favourite Bristol landmark.

UCAS in Cheltenham are looking for a Digital Performance Manager It is a pretty wide ranging role and there is something I've always found fascinating about the role of UCAS in UK higher education.

Head of Product Management up in the clouds. Well for Eduserv in Bath and their 'cloud' products.

Something a bit different to finish on. DXW are looking for a Business Development Manager but they see the role a bit differently than most and that is what makes it interesting.